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3015 Use of School Property


                                                                                 Use of School Property


  1. General Facilities Use Guidelines
    1. The use of school facilities by various education and community organizations is in the interest of the general public.


  1. Any person or group using school facilities shall assure responsibility for maintaining order, protecting property, and providing security and safety.  If students are part of the group utilizing the facility, the individual in charge must be a qualified adult as determined by the administration.  Activities or entertainment held on school premises shall be of a suitable, moral nature for such premises. 


  1. Only those organizations and persons who are known to school officials, who have financial resources sufficient to cover all rentals and possible damages, and who are willing to discharge such obligations shall be permitted to use the school facilities and equipment.


  1. The shop and weight room may not be used by students when school is not in session, unless supervised by a qualified adult as determined by the administration.


  1. The district shall provide access to buildings and grounds to those who have legitimate reasons for being on the premises. 


  1. Commercial groups or organizations shall not be allowed to use the building unless sponsored by the school or authorized by the administration.


  1. Use of School Property by Student Groups
    1. Curriculum-related or school sponsored student groups and other school organizations may use school facilities at no cost to the group if sponsored by school personnel and the facilities are restored to their normal state after use.


  1. Non-curriculum related student groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H groups and similar youth groups that involve mainly young people living within the district may use the school building as a meeting place at a reduced charge with appropriate adult supervision.



Such meetings shall be held while the building is normally manned with personnel and there is a minimum of interference with custodians or other facility use.


Student groups must secure the building administrator’s permission before meeting on school premises.  The building administrators will determine times and places

groups may meet on school premises.


  1. Use of facilities by non-student groups
    1. The superintendent or designee may authorize the use of any school facilities for non-school activities, according to rental guidelines.



4.         Denial of Access

  1. Any school administrator may limit or deny access to school buildings, grounds, and activities to any person whom the administrator deems to be using the facilities inappropriately.


  1. Upon making this determination, the administrator may request assistance from law enforcement authorities to remove an offending person from the school grounds and may initiate criminal proceedings


  1. The administrator shall have the authority to fix the time when, and the conditions under which, the offending person may return to school premises.  A person entering school premises in violation of those conditions shall be deemed to be trespassing and criminal proceeding may be initiated.





Adopted on:                 5/8/2006


Revised on:                 02/11/2010




Reviewed on:              _______




Rental Guidelines


Building and Grounds


  • A completed contractual agreement is required for all rentals


  • A deposit of $50.00 will be required for building use


  • Rental cost for a school gymnasium, kitchen, or classrooms area shall be $25 per hour


  • Additional expenses may be billed as necesssary


  • Rent for the football field, track, and track and field facilities shall be $300 per event


School facilities may not be used for personal profit and other commercial purposes. The district opens its facilities to district patrons for the benefit of the public, not commercial uses.

The superintendent or designee has the discretion to waive any and/or all deposits or rental fees.

The superintendent or designee has the discretion to deny rental of the school grounds as deemed necessary.





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