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3033 Copying Fees for School District Records


Copying Fees for School District Records


            Requests for copies of district records shall be subject to applicable copying fees.  No fee shall be charged for providing a copy of a student or public record if a specific law or regulation requires the copy to be provided without charge.


Student Records.  Students and their parents or guardians shall not be charged any fee to inspect and review the student’s files or records.  There will be no charge for students and their parents or guardians who desire a copy of the student’s files or records.


Student Records – Transfer School.  A copy of the student’s files or records, including academic material and any disciplinary material relating to any suspension or expulsion shall be provided at no charge, upon request, to any school to which the student transfers.


Public Records.  Individuals requesting copies of public records shall pay the actual added cost of making the copies available. 

  • For photocopies, actual added costs may include a reasonably apportioned cost of the supplies, such as paper, toner, other equipment used in preparing the copies, and any additional payment obligation for the time of contractors necessarily incurred to comply with the copy request. 
  • For printouts of computerized data on paper, actual added cost may include computer run time and the cost of materials for making the copy. 
  • For electronic data, the actual added cost may include the reasonably calculated actual added cost of the computer run time, any necessary analysis and programming, and production of a report in the form furnished to the requester.
  • The actual added cost shall not include any charge for the existing salary or pay obligation to public officers or employees for the first four hours of searching, identifying, physically redacting, or copying records, but fees may be charged after the first four hours. 
  • The district shall not charge any fee for copies of public records that is prohibited by law but reserves the right to charge any other fee allowed by law. 


The fee schedule for public records copies is as follows:

  • Black and white letter or legal-sized photocopies: 50¢ per copy
  • Computer data printouts: 50¢ per page
  • Actual Costs for Postage or Other Medium


Deposit.  The district may require a deposit before providing copies of student or public records if the estimated cost to fulfill the request exceeds fifty ($50) dollars.


Waiver.  Documents may be furnished without charge or at a reduced charge where the district determines that waiver or reduction is in the public interest.



Adopted on:              9/16/2013


Revised on:               ________


Reviewed on:           ________

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