Please click here for the Louis and Abby Faye Application. 

The Louis and Abby Faye Dinklage Foundation of Wisner made available a number of $1000
scholarships for alumni of West Point-Beemer High School who are full-time college students for the 2022-23 school year. These scholarships may be applied to vocational training programs, associate or a bachelor degree program where you are enrolled full time. They are not applicable for second bachelor degree or master degree programs. 

Additionally, if you are a non-traditional student and working on your first degree, you may be
eligible for an alumni scholarship. If you have just started post-secondary education and do not
have a transcript yet, please provide current grades for the fall semester and proof of
Application forms are available at the high school counselor’s offices or on the school
websites. The completed application form must be submitted to the school counselor’s office on or before December 15th. You must provide a transcript from your college/university
verifying credits and current enrollment. 

Scholarship funds will be distributed in January/February upon verification of successful completion of fall semester and enrollment of second semester. A scholarship committee will be selecting the recipients of this scholarship based on years in college, academic progress, cumulative grade point average, and financial need. Anyone desiring further information may contact Diana Knaak, School Counselor, West Point-Beemer High School 402-372-5546 or email