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Ask Abby #2

October 12, 2018

ASK Abby Sue Kaup

Question: How can I keep a positive attitude in sports?

                I’ve been involved in sports as long as I can remember, and over time, I’ve played with and against athletes with many different attitudes. Personally, I’ve always done my best to maintain a positive attitude in sports, whether it’s in practice or in games.

However, sometimes I struggle to keep a positive attitude, especially when I have a frustrating practice, I don’t get the playing time I want, or my team loses a tough game. In order to stay away from developing a negative attitude, I have learned how to do a couple things.

One thing I do to keep a positive attitude is to communicate with my teammates. Communication is important in all sports, but especially team sports. Communicating with my teammates in a positive way helps me to get my frustrations out, and it gives me the extra support I need.

A main reason that athletes get upset during sports is because they are unhappy about the amount of playing time they are getting. My first three years of high school, I hardly saw the court on varsity.

                Many people would have quit at this time; however, by understanding my role on the team, I kept my head up. Not everyone on the team can be an amazing player, and that’s something a lot of people don’t understand.

By talking to my coaches and observing the varsity, I learned that my role on JV was to push the varsity and make them better. My role may not get the attention and the publicity that the star-varsity hitter gets, but it is just as important to making the team successful.

A “next play mentality” has also helped me to keep a positive attitude. When I make a mistake, I shake it off and move on.

A lot of athletes put a lot of pressure to be a perfect player, but everyone knows that’s not possible. By not putting a lot of pressure on myself and playing loose, I maintain a positive mindset. I realize that making one mistake does not mean that I am a bad player.



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