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Homecoming Freshman Hallway: Miss

Chase Sherwood

September 24, 2019

Every year, the hallways of West Point-Beemer High School are decorated in colors, streamers, balloons, and all kinds of funny props. The students come to school the Sunday before homecoming week and decorate their class hallways. 

Usually, the students, with the exception of their class sponsors, decorate by themselves. This year however, the freshmen called in some help, their parents. This has never been done before, and it has caused an uproar with the other classes. 

The themes for this year’s hallways were: Freshmen- Minions, Sophomores- Alice in WonderLand, Juniors- Finding Nemo, and Seniors- The Wizard of Oz. The freshman hallway was splattered in blue and yellow, with balloons and streamers galore. In my opinion, their hallway looked very good. However, that may be because multiple parents drove to the school to help their children decorate their hallway.

This begs multiple questions. First and foremost, should parental help be allowed? This has never been a problem before, but the freshman this year have made it a problem. With their parents helping, the freshmen were given an advantage over the other classes. They were able to get  more done in a shorter amount of time. Their efforts were also more organized. 

Second, should we have written rules for the decoration of the halls? The need for written rules has never arisen; however, this might be the time to start thinking about it. Rules may make the decoration less fun, but they may be a needed addition. With the addition of rules, the ability to do whatever you want would be greatly diminished, and classes would know about the rules. “It’s dumb, but I can understand them maybe not knowing” stated Senior Tessa Wallace. I agree with her, however if they did know, then it’s all the more reason to be mad at them.

I think the use of parental help should be against the rules. Homecoming is for the students, not their parents. Parental help takes the fun out of the hallways. Doing your hallway as a class gives a person not only a sense of pride in their work, but also brings students together. That is what homecoming is all about, coming together. Parental help just takes away from that.


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