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College visits-Why are they important?

Tessa Wallace

October 22, 2019


College visits, the best way to get out of school and get free merchandise. I mean the best way to get information about colleges, and finalize your post high school plans. 

In all seriousness, visiting a college is a great thing because it helps you decide if you want to go to college and how to get into the school of your choice.

I think visiting a college is important because it allows you to get one-on-one with another student, typically a senior or freshmen, to gain you some wise knowledge. Seniors have experienced everything so they can give some tips they have learned in their 4 years. As with Freshmen, were in our place last year and can help relate to the uneasy feeling we all have after graduating. 

It’s also important because it gives you an understanding of how the campus works, the staff, the students, and the campus map itself. Typically, before going on the visit, they make you sign up and input your program of interest. That way they can give you some more information: take you to meet students and teachers in the program, show where your classes would be located, and give you the requirements to be accepted; such as having a minimal 2.0 GPA and an 18 ACT score. The campus size also helps you narrow it down because size really does matter. If you like to be around people, you want a big campus. 

After you decide where you want to go, you can visit the college’s website and schedule a tour that is available and works for you. When you schedule the visit, I recommend going on a specialized day. For example, UNO has Maverick days and the Central Community College has Central Visit Days. 

Typically, on these days, you get a more personalized visit and attend presentations for financial aid and meet representatives from different majors. In addition, some colleges will give you scholarships for attending these days. I know from experience, that the College of St. Mary waives the $30 application fee after you visit. 

            If you go on a regular visit, the agenda changes slightly. You still get information about your intended major, however you meet one on one with a student ambassador. They give you information about your intended major, financial aid, and help you fill out communication forms. 

After filling out forms and getting information about your interests, the student ambassador takes you on a tour of the campus. You experience the daily campus life, you pass by students, go into classrooms, if empty of course, and visit the buildings. 

In a survey given to seniors, 87.4% of seniors took or plan to take a campus visit this year. 67.8% stated that they went to college to experience campus life, and 84.6% said that they went to get more information. 

I took several college visits, like fellow seniors, to get more information and to narrow down my major. Fortunately, I found a major at the College of Saint Mary that interested me. During my tour last month, I learned about their paralegal studies program and was hooked. I liked the campus dynamic; it has a good class size and has activities and clubs that were diverse and interesting. 

College visits are important for all seniors and juniors. You get new information that you wouldn’t get from the college website or another representative in the guidance office. 

 I urge that all students take a college visit even if the campus doesn’t interest you. You can get new information, get ahead of the anxiety of seeing the college for the very first time, or even be inspired to follow a different major, like me


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