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Boys need to respect girls

Kailey Johnson

October 22, 2019

Teenage boys’ reputation, in today's society, has changed significantly from what it used to be. They have become, as Mrs.Mahannah would put it, “less refined.”

We all know that dating and relationships are a common part of high school, but their respect for girls is nonexistent and they are definitely focused on the wrong things. The question is, why have our boys become such scumbags? 

Unfortunately, the traditions of dating and relationships have changed. 

It used to be expected that a guy walks up to a girls’ front door and introduce himself to the girls’ parents before taking her on a date. Nowadays, it would be impressive for a guy to even ask a girl out on a date. 

The main form of communication was to either call or write letters to each other and hide them in lockers, cars, book bags, etc. Now, most communication occurs through Snapchat which consists of endless pictures of shoulders and, unfortunately, nudes.

All the important conversations that bond two people together are said through Instagram DMs, Snapchats, or text messages. 

Today, boys don’t even know what a healthy relationship is. Most boys don’t put the effort into relationships because they could really care less about how they treat a girl, as long as they get what they want from them.

Apparently, “a guy wants to have a high body count, but not too high that it seems nasty.” As messed up as it is, bragging about who and how many girls they’ve been with is an everyday conversation between boys.

They don’t care that they are playing with girls’ feelings or if they hurt them. It really is unfortunate that not all guys don’t care about how they treat girls. 

I would say one of their worst traits is the fact that they make up rumors about other girls for their own benefit. Who would've thought that lying can make anyone seem “cooler”. They also make inappropriate jokes about girls that make them uncomfortable. 

Because this stereotype applies to so many teenage guys, it makes it hard to trust and have faith in the good ones. 


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