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Student reactions to Coronavirus

Jayde Teusch

March 24, 2020

By: Jayde Teutsch

          Coronavirus. We’ve been hearing this word every time we have a conversation, turn on the news, or go on social media. This virus is incredibly scary, and has affected everybody in some way. Whether that be getting sent home from work, becoming infected, losing a loved one, or staying home from school, everyone has seen the Coronavirus up close and personal. 

          It has affected me, however, in a multitude of ways. 

          The main way this outbreak is affecting my life is my school closing its doors. Because I’m a junior, I’m not experiencing the worst side effects of this; no senior prom, skip day, prank, last concert, sports, last day of school, or graduation. I am, however, facing the minor inconveniences of this closure. I won’t be able to take the ACT with my class, and I won’t receive the free one offered to the juniors at school. I will have to take it on my own time and pay for it out of my pocket. Also, my mom who works at the school as a para, is not receiving her usual wages. Thankfully, my dad has a salary paid job, but even he isn’t allowed to go to work. 

He has to stay home because my step-brother from Arizona came to visit from the 7th to the 14th. The 17th, however, he started showing symptoms of the Coronavirus; the doctors said his symptoms were bad enough to give him a test. You know, one of those super rare tests they only give the people they’re almost positive have the virus. We’re not sure what his results are yet, but none of my family here has any symptoms. 

          A minor way the school closing is affecting me is not getting to say goodbye to the seniors. Every year I see underclassmen cry on the last day of school or at graduation, and I understood why but could never relate. I am the oldest of my siblings, but I’m not very social. I’ve never tried to become familiar with the seniors; however, this year was different. I talk to the seniors that sit next to me in band, the ones I see at track, the ones in my journalism class. For once, I saw the ‘big kids’ as something besides intimidating. I saw the possibility of friendships. Now, I’m not saying any of us were best friends, but I will miss a few of them.

          There are minor ways this has altered my schedule, such as my extracurriculars. A lot of my activities have been affected. School events such as track, dance tryouts, and several band gatherings including Allstate have either been canceled or postponed. My dance studio where I work has been shut down until further notice, and there’s a possibility of no recital this spring; so now I just lay around at home doing homework. 

          Despite all of these obvious negatives, there are a few positives. With schools being closed, classes have moved to online courses. This provides practice to students preparing for college, and helps the school become better prepared for other times it might need to close. Students are learning responsibility while also spending time with family and pets. 

          At the end of the day, we just all need to realize that everyone’s life is being altered. Keep others and their health in mind, and stay healthy. 


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