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Corona vaca no fun

Anna Mayes

March 24, 2020

Corona Vacona no fun!

By Anna Mayes   

It’s Day 2 of the mandatory quarantine from the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19. Already, my legs ache from lack of dancing, my mind is irritated from not having actual classes, and my soul hurts from not being able to do any extracurricular activities. 

          This “Corona Vacona” break feels as if it’s summer break before the pool has opened. It’s a weekend that never ends, yet feeling like school starts in an hour. You know there’s things you can do, and you do them, but something just feels off. 

          Monday, March 16, 2020. I cried more on that day than I have in my whole life. I’m only a junior, and yet it hurts that no one gets anything that they’ve worked so hard on and for. “At least you’re not a senior!” You’re right, but approximately 3.7 million students across the USA alone are. They have all lost the second half of their senior year, a time they will never get back. What’s the comfort for them? “College will be better! We’re praying for you!” 

          Mid-sentence of typing this, my brain shut off. I closed my computer and even though I was in a good mood to write, I couldn't. I went upstairs to try to paint and I noticed how badly my hands were shaking. I came back downstairs and almost started to panic. I started dancing, and I slowly felt the feeling going away. Not doing anything is making me stir crazy; it feels as if when I don’t have activities to do, I lose a part of myself every day. 

          As of March 18, COVID-19 has had 270,173 cases with 11, 276 deaths. It is affecting 184 countries and territories, and an international cruise ship, The Diamond Princess harbored in Japan. 89% of the closed corona cases have recovered; 95% of the currently infected patients are in mild condition. Women are less likely to die from said virus than men, and children, as I’m sure we know, are the least likely of all age groups to get it as well. However, that does not mean that they can’t catch it. 

          If you’re reading this, don’t be stupid. Don’t touch you or your friends’ faces. Do like the movie says and keep Five Feet Apart. Don’t be gross: wash your hands. Know that you, and everyone else, are going through this too, and you’re not alone. We will get through this, together.


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