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Drastic Turns

Tessa Wallace

March 31, 2020



I’m not going to lie; it was kind of amusing in the beginning., I mean from seeing all the jokes and hoping school would be canceled for 2 weeks giving us a longer Spring Break was fun. Until it got real fast, from the cancellation of activities and sports to closing schools. 

On Friday the 13th, when the school first announced that we’d be out on the 17th to give teachers time to prepare for online learning if necessary, I was freaking out, however, actually really happy because I knew that some good could come from this. If the school took the precautions needed, then we could have a regular school year. 

However, on that Sunday night, it turned into two weeks. All through that Monday, I was trying to keep calm and hope that we would be back on the 30th.  At first it was supposed to be two weeks, and now the rest of my senior year is gone, no doubt. I regret every single time I complained about it. I’m sorry for not being able to say goodbye on my own terms. 

With all these cancellations of prom, banquets, and now the  graduation ceremony in the air, I feel bad because it was supposed to be my year. My last year to enjoy everything to the fullest and to celebrate everything I accomplished in my 12 years. 

My time in quarantine has been nothing but boring. At first, I spent most of my time watching Brooklyn-99 and switching between three apps on my phone, while also doing my online assignments last minute. Even though I’m not in school, I still have senioritis. 

Until Wednesday, March 25th when I had to go to Columbus and babysit my nephew and niece because of the school shutdowns and limitations on daycare. And let me tell you, spending time in a one bedroom apartment, or a dungeon as my sister so lovingly calls it, with a teething 5 ¾ month-old baby and an 8 year-old who’s bored out of her mind is not fun. 

However, it was a nice distraction from all the news lately. I replaced scrolling through social media with making crafts and other projects, watching movies that I’ve seen hundreds of times, and doing makeup with my niece. I replaced looking for updated information about the virus with making new food for my nephew to eat, watching him roll over and play with his toys and waking up in the middle of the night with him. 

The coronavirus shows how absolutely crazy and great people can be at the same time. Craziest thing is the shortages.  Before the quarantine, I went to two Walmarts where toilet paper, hand sanitizer, eggs, bread, and frozen pizza were completely gone. 

It’s crazy to see how people react to the shortages; it’s like a domino effect and that is what’s messing everything up. Because there was a shortage of toilet paper, people buy it even if they have some left and worse, they stockpile it; their mindset is “it won’t be here the next time” and that’s not cool. 

So I extend a big thank you to the truckers, grocery store, restaurant and gas station workers and everyone else in between that’s still open. Before the 2020 apocalypse, these jobs were looked down upon, but these workers are what’s keeping the world turning. 

However, with all this unpredictability, there are people who are doing the absolute best things for others. I’ve seen posts on Facebook of people offering to buy groceries or bring breakfast/lunch to families in need. I’ve seen people give out extra supplies like hand sanitizer or soap for free to neighborhoods or postal workers. 

Even medical shows like the Resident and Grey’s Anatomy are donating medical supplies like masks and gowns to local hospitals. And even though a few celebrities just posted a video of them singing or wishing their followers a “Happy self quarantine”, some are donating millions to food banks, hospitals or covering people’s lost salaries. 

It’s stuff like that reminds me that not everyone is going around hoarding toilet paper. It gives me hope that we can get through this together. 

This is a crazy, scary thing that’s happening all around the world. It’s taken away so many milestones and opportunities from me and the Class of 2020. However, there are people who are losing more than me. So please, please do what the CDC recommends and stay inside unless you need to go out for essential trips. 

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