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Covid 19 Effects

Kailey Johnson

April 01, 2020


Three weeks ago, I thought I was struggling. I was trying to keep up with my busy and fast-paced schedule that consisted of leaving at 6:00 in the morning and getting home at 9:30 at night. I was trying not to fall behind, or asleep, in classes, and I was exhausting myself by working eight hour shifts.Three weeks ago, I was complaining about things like school lunches, going to dance practice, and getting sent on grocery runs by my parents. All I can say is the things I was complaining about then are not the same things I am concerned about now.

Everything that I was stressing about a few weeks ago are now the least of my worries.We are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.Our entire country is closing down, including schools, any public places, and businesses. We all know what this is from and we are doing what we can to prevent worse outcomes. The Coronavirus is a serious issue that is significantly affecting our everyday lives.

I never would have thought that my school would close in the middle of March. I also never thought that I would be taking online classes as a junior in high school. I have to say, this change is difficult. Now that I have to teach myself, I have realized how much I took my teachers for granted. I don’t have the luxury of asking a million questions or having an assignment explained to me four different ways.

 Some positive aspects of this experience are that I am learning time management and self-discipline. I am also able to spend time with my family that I didn’t have before, and I am catching a break from my typically chaotic life. 

 Aside from switching to online classes, students are missing out on other events. Luckily, I am not involved in a spring sport. I am, however, a part of a competition dance team. Right now is supposed to be competition season, but, unfortunately, dance competitions, along with almost every other activity, have been cancelled. My team has practiced all year to prepare for these competitions, and now all of that time and hard work is gone. I know that many others can relate to this situation.

 Another experience that has been taken from us is prom. Most girls have already purchased a dress,and guys arranged dates by mid-March. Unfortunately, prom has been cancelled. Although I am pretty bummed about the cancellation of prom, I have attended prom in the past years, and I am only a junior so I always have my senior year. 

The Coronavirus has also affected my job. I work as a nurse’s aide in a nursing home and a hospital. Both facilities are taking precautions like taking staff's temperature regularly, using protective gear and practicing good hand hygiene, and creating plans. In the nursing home, all residents are confined to their rooms at all times, along with meal times, and no visitors are allowed in or out of the facility. Can you imagine being locked in your bedroom with a roommate for weeks? It becomes depressing. If the virus finds its way near us, because I am on the frontlines of caring for infected people, I will have to be careful not to bring those germs home to my family, or spread them to the nursing home. 

The most important thing this pandemic has influenced in my life is my family. My great grandfather is actively dying in the hospital and is expected to pass very soon. Because of this virus, my grandpa’s own children aren’t even allowed to enter the hospital to see him. My family can’t get together during this mournful time. We’re also not able to hold a funeral for him. 

We are living through a time that will not be forgotten. Although I have not been infected with the virus, it has still affected my life. The Coronavirus has made me realize that I took normal life for granted. “When this ends, may we find that we have become more like the people we wanted to be, we were called to be, we hoped to be, and may we stay that way- better for each other because of the worst.” - Laura Kelly Fanucci


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