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Moron Mentions Movies

Trey Bruce

April 11, 2020

The Platform: Descending into Madness

The Platform is a 2019 Spanish science-fiction horror film. Directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, it stars Iván Massagué as, main character, Goreng who is serving 6 months in prison. However, the prison known as “Vertical Self-Management Center” is much different from any other prison. In VSMC, the cells are stacked on one another with a giant hole in the middle. Once a day, a platform lowers with every inmate's favorite meal. Inmates are able to eat as much as they want. As the platform goes deeper into the prison, the food becomes limited. 

The movie begins with Goreng waking up to a concrete cell with a 48 on the wall. On the polar opposite side of the cell sits an eldery man watching Goreng. After some discussion, Goreng learns his name is Trimagasi and he is only 2 months from release. Before a person is taken into VSMC, he can bring one item. Goreng brought a book, while Trimagasi brought a self-sharpening knife. 

A major theme of The Platform, is what a human being would do in a time of desperation. In a few scenes, we see prisoners jumping to their death because they couldn’t handle being on a low level. Trimagasi explains to Goreng his experiences on lower levels, such as eating a fallen prisoner. 

A friend  recommended I watch The Platform, and I was very interested. The movie is a slower paced movie than say Friday the 13th. Being set in a prison, we barely see the outside world. The contrast grey color palette makes me feel isolated and hopeless. However with interesting characters and an unusual premise, The Platform continues to feel fresh and intriguing. I would not consider this a horror film, but rather a psychological thriller. Talking about The Platform is challenging because I don’t want to spoil too much of the movie. The Platform is a must watch, and going into it blind will result in the best experience. I would heartily recommend the movie to everyone, who isn’t scared of a “little” blood. I give it a 8.5/10 and will definitely watch it again.


  • Trey Bruce

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