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Online learning

Abby Boell

April 11, 2020

By Abby Boell 

This week marks the third week that West Point Public Schools has been closed, and learning looks much different for elementary students than it does for middle school and high school students who are learning online.

Elementary students are learning via packets because they do not have computer access or google accounts.

Elementary Principal Douglas Gross  says that since the school has closed, over 90% of parents have picked up the packets provided by their teachers. 

The elementary teachers are allowed to work from home but can go into the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to prepare the weekly packets. 

First grade teacher Jennifer Streeter says that she gives her student about 3-4 pages a day to do from home. Parents are supposed to get their new student packets every Friday and to return the finished packets on Friday as well. 

Streeter stated that last week, 14 out of her 16 students completed the assigned packets. She also said that she communicates with the parents and the students through Seesaw. 

This week, Streeter had her first zoom call with her students. She had six students on her call. Streeter read them a story, and talked to her students. As a response to the zoom call, Streeter said, “I knew I missed them, but it wasn’t until I saw their faces over zoom when I really realized how much I missed them.” 

Streeter enjoyed the zoom call as much as her students did, and added that parents are reaching out and telling her how much their children enjoyed the zoom call. 

Streeter said that her students also miss her as well. She said that one of her students recently lost a tooth, and that student wanted to share his story with his teacher. 

Jennifer wishes that school could be back in session. It makes her sad to know that she won’t be teaching these students again. She constantly misses her students’ hugs, smiles, stories, and excitement for school. 

“After you are with these students for three quarters, they aren’t just students; they are your kids, and you want them to learn and grow like you would want your own kids to learn and grow.” 

After three weeks of online learning, high school students have different opinions about its success. 

Sophomore Allie Boell said that she likes online learning because she enjoys having her own schedule but doesn’t like how she procrastinates more than she normally would. She said that her hardest online class is Chemistry because she said that she really didn’t understand Chemistry while she was in school, and now without teacher interaction it is much harder for her.

The thing that Boell misses the most is not having a band class, and not having weight class. She also said that she misses her classmates and teachers. 

Allie also said that she spends her time now watching shows and eating snacks while she does her assignments. 

Senior Payton Schiller said that she likes the online learning but did not want her senior year to end like this.  Besides doing homework, Schiller has been busy working on the farm with her parents, completing scholarships, and working with her animals. She likes being able to have the time to work with her animals because it’s giving her a bigger jump with her upcoming animal seasons. 

Schiller likes creating her own schedule each day. She gets up around 7 a.m., eats breakfast, and then does her schoolwork. After her work is finished, she helps with farm work. 

Payton said that her hardest class is Calculus. She said the class is hard because it is a college credit math class, and it has been hard to learn new material. 

Schiller misses going to school, hher friends, teachers, and organizations in which she was involved.


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