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Courier May 11, 2021

May 26, 2021

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Courier April 30, 2021

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Updated West Point-Beemers Winter Activites Guidelines

The NSAA has released the following mandatory COVID Guidelines:   Active participants are permitted, but not required, to wear face coverings during competition/performance.  Coaches and non-active participants . . . read more

My job has changed because of COVID

Kailey Johnson | April 27, 2020

  I am a CNA employed at two different facilities, and I think that it is safe to say that COVID-19 has drastically affected my job. I work at a nursing home and a hospital, so the fear of contracting the virus and spreading . . . read more


Jayde Teusch | April 27, 2020

  During this time of social distancing, we are all trying to busy ourselves. Whether that be making masks, walking the dog, or binge watching Netflix, we are all looking for that now missing brain stimulation we received . . . read more

making bracelets

Abby Boell | April 23, 2020

  By Abby Boell During my time of quarantine, I have been trying many different things because I have lots of time on my hands.  I have been making string friendship bracelets. I made these bracelets . . . read more


Jasmine Stinson | April 21, 2020

By Jasmine Stinson   After COVID-19 spread across the world and changed lives, it also changed how people go about their day.  When school was cancelled for the rest of the year, I had so much more time on . . . read more

Painting with makeup

Anna Mayes | April 21, 2020

  By Anna Mayes James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Jeffree Star, Jackie Aina. These are influential people in the makeup industry who love to paint their faces. But hey don’t paint portraits with makeup.  . . . read more

sign language

Gerardo Osorio | April 21, 2020

  Quarantine boredom sparks interest in useful skills By Gerardo Osorio   As our days in self-isolation progress, we are running out of things to do. I can’t hang out with my best friend, I . . . read more


Brithany Cervantes | April 11, 2020

  By Brithany Cervantes West Point-Beemer quickly acted when it was faced with the ongoing Covid-19 issue. Several classes had already incorporated technology into their class even  before the 100% turnover. The . . . read more

Moron Mentions Movies

Trey Bruce | April 11, 2020

The Platform: Descending into Madness The Platform is a 2019 Spanish science-fiction horror film. Directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, it stars Iván Massagué as, main character, Goreng who is serving 6 months in . . . read more

Online learning

Abby Boell | April 11, 2020

By Abby Boell  This week marks the third week that West Point Public Schools has been closed, and learning looks much different for elementary students than it does for middle school and high school students who are . . . read more

Online learning

Jasmine Stinson | April 11, 2020

By Jasmine Stinson   With the outbreak of COVID-19, many things have been halted, and that includes traditional schooling. In March, many schools were asked to close for the remainder of the school year. This means . . . read more

online learning

Gerardo Osorio | April 11, 2020

  By Gerardo Osorio With the inability to return to regular school because of COVID-19, students this year have only one option for learning- online. Luckily, technology has advanced to the point where this is . . . read more

Covid-19 and my life

Hannah Lutz | April 2, 2020

  The past couple weeks have been very hectic. Between what you hear on the news and what you hear in your own town, I don’t think anyone truly knows what to do.  Personally, my time off from school has . . . read more

Covid 19 Effects

Kailey Johnson | April 1, 2020

  Three weeks ago, I thought I was struggling. I was trying to keep up with my busy and fast-paced schedule that consisted of leaving at 6:00 in the morning and getting home at 9:30 at night. I was trying not to fall behind, or . . . read more

Drastic Turns

Tessa Wallace | March 31, 2020

    I’m not going to lie; it was kind of amusing in the beginning., I mean from seeing all the jokes and hoping school would be canceled for 2 weeks giving us a longer Spring Break was fun. Until it got real . . . read more


Abby Boell | March 31, 2020

    The Coronavirus has ruined my senior year of high school. Just about everything I worked so hard for my senior year has been cancelled because of it.  The first thing that the coronavirus has ruined is . . . read more

My Life is Different

Brithany Cervantes | March 28, 2020

My Life is Different By Brithany Cervantes Senior year! Thank God it’s here or so I thought. I mean I am grateful it is here, but it did not play out as I wanted it to.  We all joked about it so much, . . . read more


Gerardo Osorio | March 26, 2020

  Gerardo Osorio Ah. Summer break at last. Except, it's two months early. Although many students see this “coronacation” as something amazing, it really isn’t. I, for one, was ready for a break. . . . read more

Student reaction

Trey Bruce | March 26, 2020

Corona-virus: The Good and The Bad Trey Bruce The main thing on everyone’s mind is the corona-virus. Corona this, corona that, it is everywhere. The corona-virus has caused a lot of problems around the world. . . . read more

More reaction

Jasmine Stinson | March 25, 2020

By Jasmine Stinson  Senior year, the year everyone’s been waiting for. The year of lasts. The year of senior pranks, senior skip days, final sports seasons, senior prom, and graduation. Now, imagine all of that being . . . read more

Student reactions to Coronavirus

Jayde Teusch | March 24, 2020

By: Jayde Teutsch           Coronavirus. We’ve been hearing this word every time we have a conversation, turn on the news, or go on social media. This virus is incredibly . . . read more

Corona vaca no fun

Anna Mayes | March 24, 2020

Corona Vacona no fun! By Anna Mayes    It’s Day 2 of the mandatory quarantine from the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19. Already, my legs ache from lack of dancing, my mind is irritated . . . read more

Administrators serve new role

By Abby Boell | March 16, 2020

              Since July, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church has been without a pastor. They have utilized supply pastors (substitutes from other churches or retired pastors) . . . read more

Alfson to compete in state meet

Kailey Johnson | March 16, 2020

      How many people know the answer to this question? “Before capturing Samarkand, Alexander the Great crossed the Oxus River, which flowed from the Pamirs to the Aral Sea. Today the river is known by . . . read more

senior endures hardships

Tessa Wallace | March 16, 2020

              Ambitious. Determined. Passionate. Senior Korbin Hardenbrook is a living example of those adjectives. . . . read more

Woster provides new workout for football, wrestling events

Gerardo Osorio | March 16, 2020

    Last year, Luke Woster, a new addition to the WPBHS physical program, became an assistant coach in football and wrestling.  During the fall and winter seasons, Woster created a different and . . . read more

Government offers assistance programs

Kailey Johnson | February 6, 2020

Government welfare is primarily aimed toward people with little to no income, the elderly, and the disabled. Welfare can be received in the form of grants, food stamps, vouchers, Medicaid, health care, and housing assistance.  . . . read more

Poverty prevents my family from stability, happiness

Brithany Cervantes | February 6, 2020

My life has been a series of ups and terrible, terrible downs. Every other day, every other year, my family falls into a pit, a deep pit that takes much time to get out of.  We are still in the pit, but we only have a . . . read more

Pros and cons of living wage examined

Hannah Lutz | February 6, 2020

According to www.nytimes.com, living wage is the minimum income necessary for a worker to meet his basic needs. Living wage is important because it allows people to live where they want with adequate housing, clothing, and food. Living . . . read more

West Point community provided food for others two different ways

Gerardo Osorio | February 6, 2020

“It makes me feel like a better person even if I can help a little bit,” said West Point-Beemer High School junior, Zach Vander Griend. Fortunately, Vander Griend isn’t the only person who feels this way. For many high . . . read more

WPBHS program offers free/reduced lunches provided by NE Department of Education

Jasmine Stinson | February 6, 2020

Over 53% of high school students, 65% of middle school students, and 62%  of elementary students are on free/reduced lunch at WPBHS. Nationally, over 20 million students receive free lunch. . . . read more

Booster club supports student activities

Kailey Johnson | November 22, 2019

West Point Beemer High School is fortunate to be supported by West Point’s Booster Club.  The Booster Club, however, is an organization that is not sponsored by the school. Their mission is to ”purchase . . . read more

Brithany Cervantes, Marina Carvajal join military

Abby Boell | November 22, 2019

In the senior class, two students have already enlisted in the military. Brithany Cervantes signed with the Marines, and Marina Carvajal with the Army National Guard. Qualifications to be in the Marines include being a U.S. . . . read more

Censorship concerns journalists

Hannah Lutz | November 22, 2019

According to ditcionary.com, the definition of a censor is “an official who examines written and broadcast material for the purpose of suppressing parts deemed objectionable on moral, political, military, or other grounds.” . . . read more

High school students hone automotive skills through hobby

Anna Mayes | November 22, 2019

Car: noun, a road vehicle. Restoration: noun, the action of returning something to the former owner, place or condition. Several juniors and seniors at West Point-Beemer are known as the “car guys” around campus, and they dab . . . read more

Jobs generate positive outcomes for teens

Tessa Wallace | November 22, 2019

It’s a part of life, and everyone at one time will have it- a job. West Point is a host of jobs for teenagers, from food services to retail to child care. All these jobs affect teenagers and their lifestyles; responsibilities, . . . read more

Mitzel runs many miles towards school record

Gerardo Osorio | November 22, 2019

For many people, being able to run 170 miles in a month seems impossible. But for people like Brandon Mitzel, running 5-6miles is a daily occurrence. In fact, running more than five miles is a breeze for him.  Brandon . . . read more

Norwegian enjoys Nebraska life

Jayde Teusch | November 22, 2019

For the past three years, West Point-Beemer High Schools has opened its doors to foreign exchange students. These three students have been male but all were from different countries. This year, WPBHS student is Fredrick Røyset . . . read more

Boys need to respect girls

Kailey Johnson | October 22, 2019

Teenage boys’ reputation, in today's society, has changed significantly from what it used to be. They have become, as Mrs.Mahannah would put it, “less refined.” We all know that dating and . . . read more

College visits-Why are they important?

Tessa Wallace | October 22, 2019

  College visits, the best way to get out of school and get free merchandise. I mean the best way to get information about colleges, and finalize your post high school plans.  In all seriousness, visiting . . . read more

Movie review

Noah Peaslee | October 22, 2019

I was skeptical when walking into the new Joker movie. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was excited; the trailers were good, other critics were praising the performances to no end, and I personally have always been fascinated with . . . read more

One Act spins plot like cursed carousel

Anna Mayes | October 22, 2019

“Willie! Willie! Willie!” These desperate cries can be heard throughout the WPBHS One Act play this year. The Haunted Carousel by Ruth Angell Purkey is directed by elementary teachers Marlene Wiechman and Jill Redmond, and . . . read more

School works to reduce vaping

Gerardo Osorio | October 22, 2019

            As of Monday, WPBHS administration decided to enforce a new rule. Teachers will be stationed in the main bathrooms during passing periods to monitor students. . . . read more

Softball Recap

Jasmine Stinson | October 22, 2019

The Cadet softball team ended its 2019-2020 season, sporting a 12-16 record. The ladies had a great start to the season after earning runner-up at the North Bend Central invite. . . . read more

WPBHS water safe to drink

Hannah Lutz | October 22, 2019

As everyone knows by now, West Point has had an ongoing water issue since last year. The city’s water has been infiltrated with excessive levels of manganese.  The human body requires it for nutrients, but too much . . . read more

Homecoming Coronation: Hit

Anna Mayes | September 24, 2019

Last Saturday, September 14, West Point-Beemer’s homecoming coronation occurred. The court included freshman Ashlynn Boell and Jaylen Kile, sophomores Jadyn Meiergerd and Riley Penrose, and juniors Sidney Swanson and Jesus . . . read more

Homecoming Food: Hit

Kailey Johnson | September 24, 2019

For this year’s homecoming dance, the Booster Club provided many favorable food options for the students.  There was not only a wide variety, but plenty of food to go around.  The Booster . . . read more

Homecoming Freshman Hallway: Miss

Chase Sherwood | September 24, 2019

Every year, the hallways of West Point-Beemer High School are decorated in colors, streamers, balloons, and all kinds of funny props. The students come to school the Sunday before homecoming week and decorate their class . . . read more

Homecoming Magician: Miss

Abby Boell | September 24, 2019

  Last Wednesday, the magician performance at the West Point Community Theater was a horrible experience for us. The only thing that can explain that horrid night was kids, kids, and more kids. First of all, the elementary . . . read more

Homecoming Surprise Boys' Dance: Hit

Jayde Teusch | September 24, 2019

The 2019 boys homecoming dance created some stress for the Scarlet Dancers veterans. We didn’t have Darian Reschlaeger to choreograph the dance, the boys only had 7 practices, and several of them had injuries. Of the . . . read more

Homecoming Voting: Miss

Hannah Lutz | September 24, 2019

This year’s Homecoming king and queen voting system was changed. After years of tradition with paper votes, this year we went electronic. Our student body consists of 287 students 9-12 yet only 73.5% of . . . read more

Bethematch.org saves Sellhorst's life

Gerardo Osorio | April 24, 2019

Over the last couple of years, West Point-Beemer High School’s band has blossomed into something completely new, and many students attribute their talent to Cindy Sellhorst, WPBHS band director. However, none of the current high . . . read more

Defeating the Beast: Cathy Schultz’s Battle against Ovarian Cancer

Mitchell Lierman | April 24, 2019

In Cathy Schultz’s battle against cancer, the community and school rallied to join in her efforts to “Defeat the Beast.”             With several rounds . . . read more

Konkoleski remains hopeful for future

Blake Anderson and Brithany Cervantes | April 24, 2019

Jeff Konkoleske, WPBHS athletic director, first noticed symptoms in August, 2017. Konkoleski couldn’t eat and felt sick all the time. “At first the doctors thought it was gallstones, so they removed his gall bladder,” . . . read more

Make-A-Wish provides opportunities for ill children

Andrea Hoffman | April 24, 2019

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a 501 non-profit organization founded in the United States that arranges experiences described as "wishes" to children diagnosed with critical illnesses. The organization was . . . read more

Skoda's impact on WPBHS still felt

Brooke Hasse and Brooklyn Weddle | April 24, 2019

Adam Skoda moved to West Point along with his family August 1, 2016. Skoda did not just bring his family; he also brought his hard work, determination, coaching and teaching skills, passion, and loving spirit. This allowed him to have a . . . read more

Vander Griend survives cancer

Abby Kaup | April 24, 2019

Over the course of a weekend, six year old Ben Vander Griend went from competing in a wrestling tournament to not being able to walk. Alarmed, his parents Harlyn and Terri Vander Griend took him to the hospital to discover the cause of his . . . read more

WPBHS fundraising efforts

Andrea Hoffman | April 24, 2019

West Point-Beemer High School has done many fundraisers to help those affected by cancer. Through its efforts, the school has raised over $10,000 with the help of staff and students. Holiday helpers, this year, raised . . . read more

WPBHS students and staff encouraged to "be the match"

Gerardo Osorio | April 24, 2019

When you think of a superhero, you probably imagine Superman, Spiderman or Batman. But band director, Cindy Sellhorst, sees a regular man. This man doesn’t possess the power to fly or travel through time, but he did save a life, . . . read more

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