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History of West Point Public Schools

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History of West Point Public Schools

West Point, Nebraska is a thriving agricultural community located in Northeast Nebraska along the Elkhorn River. Our location is very attractive to people of all ages and backgrounds as we are 30 minutes from Fremont, 45 minutes from Norfolk, 70 minutes from Omaha, and 90 minutes from Lincoln. West Point was originally names New Philadelphia by settlers who moved across the country from the east in search of a better way of life. Later, the name of the community was changed to West Point because the community was the western most point along the Elkhorn Valley. West Point has many past and present "local heroes" who carry on the 'can do' spirit and the values of hard work and a spirit of cooperation. West Point is proud of its' heritage and the families that have been here for three and four generations. West Point has received "The Outstanding Community' distinction from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development Diplomats.   


West Point Public Schools started in West Point in 1865.  Before the school was constructed, several rooms were rented for the students.  The first school was built 1866.  The school was far from big.  It was 22ft by 40ft and cost the village of West Point $1,600.  In 1880, the need for a larger school was a must.  They spent $10,159.73 for the new school.

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Almost 40 years later a bigger elementary, high school, and library combination was built as seen above.  It was completed in 1922 and cost more than $200,000.  In the '60s, West Point was in need of a new building because overcrowding was a problem.  They had to put up temporary buildings on the playground to help solve the overcrowding.  In 1965 and 1966, votes for a new building failed.  A vote for a new building was held in 1969.  The vote passed with 54% approval since the state passed a law that year requiring only simple majority to pass.  Another vote to start building was held on Oct. of 1971. 

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The vote was 871 to 764 to build a junior/senior high school.  Classes in the new building started in the fall of 1974.  In 1990, a junior high wing was added.

In 2008, the Elementary School joined the Junior and Senior High up on the hill. In 2011, the high school did a remodel and added offices and a new south wing.

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Beemer Schools merged with West Point Public School in 2006. Beemer Elementary is located in Beemer, NE (7 miles from West Point). They served Preschool - 4th Grade. Due to declining enrollment, Beemer Elementary Closed their doors in May 2017. The Beemer students are brought over to West Point. The Building was sold in November 2017 to the Village of Beemer. 

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West Point Public Schools is a C1 school and has an enrollment of approximately 790 students PreK-12. West Point has seen the ethnic change from nearly 100% Caucasian to a 50/50 split between Caucasian and Hispanic students. 


In addition to this ethnic change, West Point has also experienced a great increase in the number of Free/Reduced students.  Currently, the elementary lower socio-economic student population is in excess of 60%. 


These changes in student demographics have also brought about changes in philosophy for the District.  We have worked toward three sections per grade at the elementary level.  One of these sections is taught by a dually endorsed teacher (Elementary and Special Education).  This staffing change has reduced our student to teacher ratio from about 22:1, to 17:1.


The school district is committed to technology. The school went 1 to 1 starting in the school year 2015-16.  A modern distance-learning classroom offers high school and college classes from other high schools and colleges throughout Nebraska.  West Point Public Schools also has a wireless lab in each building.


West Point Public School currently employs 140 employees.






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