West Point Public Schools Covid Protocol

Jan. 2022 Updated Guidance

Following the first date of symptoms or positive test.

o   Five complete days of quarantine. (No school Attendance)

o   If symptoms are gone or getting better and NO Fever      

o   Return to school and mask for five days.

§  If you are unable to mask, you will need to stay out of school for these five days.

§  If you continue to have a fever, continue to stay home until the fever is gone.

o   After day 10, with no symptoms, no masking is required


Further guidance of Close Contact - If someone in your household has tested positive.

o   Mask for 10 days –

o   If you are unable to mask (Doctors verification) Stay home for 10 days, (encouraged to test after day 5).


Masking – WPPS will have the following guidance

·                    Elementary, when 10% of students within a class test positive for Covid – the class will be masked 10 days.

·                    Middle School, when 10% of students in a grade test positive for Covid – the entire grade will be masked for 10 days.

·                    High School – due to grade levels being mixed throughout the day, when 10% of the high school test positive for Covid. - We will mask the entire high school. This percent may be lowered in the event of an outbreak.